Sopolish Vital Nailskin Size 10

Ref 28651

The Sopolish Vital Nailskin system offers total nail protection with easy peel-off removal.

The n°1 protection of the natural nail.

  • Protects the natural nail with easy peel-off removal
  • Extends the wear of the SoPolish-manicure
  • Ideal solution for every nail type
Why you love it

Sopolish Vital Nailskin gives your client the freedom to peel off the manicure, whenever and wherever the customer wants to return to a healthy natural look.

  • Offers a total nail protection with easy peel-off removal 
  • First semi-permanent nail polish system that fully respects and improves the health of your natural nails  
  • Easy peel-off removal, without wrapping or acetone  
  • Extend the wear time of all SoPolish manicures  
  • For every nail type 
  • Maak de nagel schoon met de ProNails SoPolish Cleanse.
  • Breng de ProNails Vital Nailskin aan op de natuurlijke nagel en vijl op maat!
  • Ga door met uw SoPolish Manicure behandeling!

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